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Promoworld promotional gifts is a division of Pure brand productions and specialises in promotional gifts from stock. The advantages include fast delivery times and relatively low unit prices, even for low-quantity production runs. Promoworld’s most important feature is that we are not merely an internet ‘window’ like so many other suppliers in this segment of the market. Our goal is maximum accessibility. This means that we can provide you with recommendations on the most suitable items, including any desired printwork. Send us your brief and we will provide you with a great presentation. If you would prefer for us to come to your premises, this is also possible.

There are many situations in which it is not necessary to deliver a product from stock, but in which it is much less expensive to have it produced in the Far East. In these cases, we contact our Pure colleagues directly. can also offer inspiration if you are interested in custom-made items. Have a look at the following examples:


Printed bags