Quickscan Pure Amsterdam

The total purchasing value of your marketing materials and the current cost price of these form the basis for our quickscan. By outsourcing the various items with specialists withinourinternational supplier network, we can provide you with clear information on the possible savings. Based on the quickscan, we draw up an action plan, together with you, which enables us to achieve the reported savings and implement potential improvements in the processes.  There are a variety of basic models possible for your partnership with Pure. These will be expanded on depending on your organisation’s needs and the type of work to be done.  This might include secondment, open calculations, fixed fees and menus.

In consultation with you, we can ensure our quickscan also includes a check of the environmental aspects related to the materials used. We also investigate whether or not the application of different materials and specifications, or a modified design can achieve cost savings for you in your project. Not only do we examine the production costs, but also the follow-up costs such as handling and logistics.

Naturally, we can also arrange the purchasing for your ad hoc work at competitive prices. Within our network of suppliers in Europe and China, we will find the perfect match for you in terms of quality, delivery time and cost price.