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Founded in 2004, Pure is a full-service creative production agency specialising in tangible marketing materials. We bring together the worlds of communications agencies, marketers and purchasing. The combination of a unique international purchasing network, creative roots and, above all, broad production knowledge places us in a unique position. Our experienced project managers unburden our customers, which allows us to seamlessly combine development, sourcing, production and logistics.

We make brands tangible

Pure is a creative production agency focused on purely productive forms of communication. We work with you using our production knowledge to maximize the impact of your concepts.

We increase and enrich your possibilities

Production possibilities form the basis of our creativity and operations. This means that Pure keeps coming up with creative and efficient solutions, and that we go further than simply offering practical support for your marketing and communication items.

Production and creativity reinforce each other

Pure believes that production and creativity can and should inspire each other. Our involvement ensures that creative ideas are able to see the light of day – within your budget, technically feasible and produced on time.

Sourcing specialist in Asia and Europe

We have especially broad experience with sourcing nationally and internationally. Our home markets are Europe and China. You can gain from our creativity, combined with our knowledge of materials, production processes and importing. We exclusively purchase directly from factories, without using any intermediaries who add no value.

It’s in our nature to think green

Because Pure is involved from the beginning of the supply chain, we play an important advisory role for our customers. It gives us an ideal position and, with that, a responsibility towards a green and healthy environment. It is our belief that a flourishing business is possible, but only if we let the earth flourish.

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Quality is our middle name

Pure is committed to responsible and sustainable business practices. During our supplier selection process, we take social, ethical and environmental criteria into consideration. We work with these suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct, which itself meets the criteria set out in the SA8000® standard. Our careful selection process is followed up by close monitoring of manufacturing, audits and inspections by our local colleagues. Mandatory or voluntary quality tests are also carried out by independent test institutes such as SGS or Intertek.

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Merchandise Print, Packaging & POS Custom Made Premiums

With merchandise, the bar is high because it is the heart of your brand aimed at the core of your target audience.

Graphic production in truly all its forms, produced either locally or overseas.

Premiums are part of your marketing strategy and have both short-term and long-term goals.

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